Frequently Asked Questions?

What happens on my first visit?

During the initial consultation, a detailed and thorough history is taken to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the complaint. In order to examine you effectively, it may be necessary for your Osteopath to ask to remove some clothing as appropriate for the condition. Usually treatment follows the assessment but in certain cases you may be referred for further investigation. You are welcome to bring someone along with you for all or part of the consultation. Children should always be accompanied by a parent of guardian.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will vary from person to person as we are all different and heal differently. Typically, this will depend on the nature of the complaint, for example serious, chronic or complex injuries will require more visits. 

Do I need a Referral?

No referrals are necessary. 

However, If you have a complex and chronic medical condition your general practitioner can refer you for up to five sessions per year under Medicare's GP Management Plan.

Should I bring any scan results and /or medications?

Yes please! 

Bringing relevant scan results i.e. Xrays, MRI, CT Scans and medication lists are helpful to the osteopath taking your history and can help in faster assessment and diagnosis of the complaint. 

Don't hesitate to call me if you have any other questions.
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